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What Are The Top WordPress Website Development Trends in 2022

By, Amit 1 Feb 2020 Software Developer

WordPress development company is a major player when it comes to web development, holding a big chunk of the market share and dominating over the other content management systems. It is used by many companies exclusively for their web development clients. Being user friendly it offers the chance to add basic updates even to naive site administrators and business owners. WordPress development company also provides easy search engine optimization and a mobile friendly layout.
Top WordPress Website Development Trends in 2022
Having launched a podcast and introduced its in-house managed hosting solution, besides having held WordCamp U.S after a gap year and released two major WordPress core updates; 2021 was a big year for WordPress. As such these events and releases give us an idea as to expect from the world’s top content management system in 2022.
Here are the top WordPress trends in 2022 :
1. Full Site Editing
2. Block Themes
3. Headless WordPress
4. Accessibility Improvements
5. WordPress for E-Commerce

1. Full Site Editing :- Full Site Editing (FSE) is a part of Gutenberg project roadmap of WordPress. WordPress 5.8 released in August 2021 introduced this WordPress development service to its users for the first time. FSE allows the WordPress users to design website and edit page content simultaneously through drag and drop blocks. More advance FSE feature can be expected when Wordpress 5.9 is realeased in January 2022.

2. Block Themes :- FSE is made possible through Block Themes. This WordPress development service allows you to edit posts and website elements using Gutenberg Block editor. Block themes being in their infant stage are still largely experimental but with the release of WordPress’s most flexible default theme, Twenty Twenty-Two, more features can be looked forward to 2022.

3. Headless WordPress :- Moving into the next decade of the web, headless content management system (CMS) is a sure trend to be looked at.A headless content management system (CMS) is one which contains separate front and back ends in a website. WordPress wasn’t originally designed to be a headless CMS, its large market share is making it a popular choice for headless architecture.

4. Accessibility Improvements :- WordPress 5.6 that was releases in December 2020 has introduced several accessibility improvements. It has provided the facility to add captions and subtitles to videos by using the Web Video Text Tracks format (WebVTT) in the Gutenberg video block.
Such trend can be expected to continue as newer versions of WordPress are released in 2022.

5. WordPress for E-Commerce :- Initially, considered a platform for small businesses; today WordPress is being used by large entrepreneurs for e-commerce. As e-commerce has become a part of our everyday life, expectation is high that more and more websites will use WordPress for their e-commerce functionality in 2022 and beyond.